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A serious auto, motorcycle, or Bicycle accident can be a very traumatic and difficult experience. Renee Dial, your local personal injury attorney, and the staff at DKN Legal, PLLC are here to help you. Regardless of whether the accident was a minor collision or a catastrophic collision, our attorneys are here to help you and provide answers and direction 24/7.

Most often, the first question is what insurance will cover the expenses for the repair of your vehicle, your emergency room visit, and your lost wages.  Multiple policies of insurance may come into play, Property Damage, PIP, Medical Payments,Bodily Injury, and Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage.

Property damage covers the damage to your vehicle and any other property destroyed as a result of the accident. Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is Florida’s no fault insurance.  PIP provides benefits to cover your resulting medical expenses up to the policy limits minus your PIP deductible regardless of fault.  For example, a $10,000 PIP policy with a $500 deductible will pay 80% of the covered medical expenses up to $9,500.  If you do not seek medical treatment by a physician authorized to diagnose an emergency medical condition your PIP carrier will refuse to cover any of your medical expenses.  Medical Payments is a separate policy that can cover the 20% that PIP does not cover.  If you use your medical payments coverage and obtain a settlement from the defendant you may have to reimburse your insurance company for any money they paid to your medical providers but that is better discussed in an office conference.

Bodily Injury insurance allows a person to place a claim with the insurance company that will cover the 20% that PIP does not cover and any other expenses including a potential recovery for pain and suffering.  If the at-fault driver does not have BI then a claim will be submitted to your insurance company under your UM policy.  UM insurance allows you to place a claim against your insurance company provided that you elected UM coverage when the insurance policy was purchased.

These questions are difficult to answer without a careful review of the at-fault party’s policy of insurance and then your policy of insurance. Please contact our office for a free review of your automobile insurance policy.

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